fix: hide conversation roots in filtered view
deps: update niotify to gain android features

This update ensures that tapping an android notification opens
sprig instead of doing nothing.
Filter hidden and malformed nodes from replylist

Put invisible filter in filter function, not populate
feat: disable metadata collapse until it can be animated

The disappearing metadata feature should also be animated, but
will require some extra time to get right. In the interest of
getting a new release out there, I'm going to disable the
feature altogether so that people can experiment with the
animated interface.
fix: highlight conversation roots again
feat: make reply button hover on top of reply

This prevents the reply button's appearance from re-flowing the
text of a message (which was, in turn, breaking the smoothness
of the animations).
feat: shorten focus animation
fix: ensure off-screen nodes update status

This ensures that nodes that are not currently visible will
not get stuck in the last animation state in which they were
visible. Previously, focusing a node, scrolling until it was
off-screen, then focusing a different node would leave the
first one 'focused' when you scrolled back to it.
fix: ensure replying targets an actual node
wip: animate the selection/focus process in reply view
feat: add jump overflow options for mobile users
feat: support bottom app bar in settings
bugfix: fix same-author collapse heuristic
bugfix: 'g' in reply view now properly jumps to beginning
chore: remove unneeded logging
feat: implement jump to top and bottom keybindings
bugfix: ensure scroll indicator can reach top of screen
feat: add indicators for conversation root messages
Fix icon path for desktop file
chore: remove obsolete install script