ledger: add method to parse io.ReadCloser with name

I already have an open file, but I want to be able to resolve includes
easily relative to the file. This adds a function that invokes the
parser correctly for that scenario.

Signed-off-by: Chris Waldon <christopher.waldon.dev@gmail.com>
all: rename and restructure module

This commit changes the module name to a new one and exposes the decimal types
in the public API.

Signed-off-by: Chris Waldon <christopher.waldon.dev@gmail.com>
feat: add colors for usage
fix: set page size for add command
feat: add command
doc: update man page for import
Improve baysian matching for import (#38)

* Improve baysian matching of accounts
fix: skip printing of empty ranges

Fixes #37
fix: columns too small

forces columns to minimum value where appropriate

Fixes #36
feat: import attempts to match against all accounts

The ability to only train the classifier on accounts based on a filter
is not longer necessary since the matching account cannot be the same
as the csv account.
fix: decimal division
fix: have import existing match on full payee string

Fixes #35
fix: have start/end dates be inclusive for command

Fixes #34
web doc - add transaction
427c2c92 — Chris Howey 1 year, 6 months ago
Merge pull request #33 from porjo/import_fix

Fix import account matching
Fix import account matching
test: ignore generated files for test coverage
test: missing file
test: deprecated function
test: date range coverage