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# gover

A simple shell script for installing and switching between go versions
on Linux. Minor tweaks required for macOS and *BSD support.

## Prerequisites

You must have a conventional `PREFIX` directory structure with its `bin`
directory earlier in your `$PATH` than any other `go` installation.

Pretty much every linux distro creates this for you at `~/.local`, which is
the default installation directory. Make sure you update your `$PATH` so
that `~/.local/bin` is towards the beginning.

## Install

Download the script and put it into any `bin` directory that is in your `$PATH`.
If you're using the default installation prefix, `~/.local/bin` will do.

curl -o ~/.local/bin/gover https://git.sr.ht/~whereswaldon/gover/tree/main/gover
chmod +x ~/.local/bin/gover

## Usage

gover <minor> <patch>

This will activate go 1.<minor>.<patch> (installing it if needed).

## License

Dual MIT/Unlicense