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Known Issues:
- Icons, hint text, error text, prefix/suffix, and other features are not yet implemented.

### Dividers

The `Divider` type implements [material dividers](https://material.io/components/dividers). You can customize the insets
embedded in the type to change which kind of divider it is. Use the constructor
functions to create nice defaults.

### Surfaces

The `Surface` type is a rounded rectangle with a background color and a drop
shadow. This isn't a material component per se, but is a useful building block

### Menu

The `Menu` type defines contextual menus as described [here](https://material.io/components/menus).

![first menu example screenshot](https://git.sr.ht/~whereswaldon/component/blob/main/img/menu1.png)

Known issues:
- Does not support nested submenus (yet).

The `MenuItem` type provides widgets suitable for use within the Menu, though
any widget can be used. Here are some `MenuItem`s in action:

![second menu example screenshot](https://git.sr.ht/~whereswaldon/component/blob/main/img/menu2.png)

### ContextArea

The `ContextArea` type is a helper type that defines an area that accepts
right-clicks. This area will display a widget when clicked (anchored at the
click position). The displayed widget is overlaid on other content, and is
therefore useful in displaying contextual menus.

Known issues:
- the heuristic that ContextArea uses to attempt to avoid off-screen drawing of
  its contextual content can fail or backfire. Suggestions for improving this
  are welcome.

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