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reorganise and merge guides

- The Getting Started and Hosting an Arbor relay guides have been moved
  to the guide/ directory
- getting-started.md now includes a note about wisteria being deprecated
  as well as the usage guide at the bottom in case someone is interested
  in picking it up
- getting-started-cli.md has been deleted (merged with main)
docs: fix markdown rendering of button list
update getting started guide

I went through the guide and updated portions to reflect UI changes and
make some of the process clearer. I also fixed the headings and ran the
file through Vale, correcting some of the errors and warnings.
docs: fix typo
replace wisteria guide with one for sprig
improve clarity for sending replies

The process for sending a reply was somewhat ambiguous before, assuming
the user would know what to do based on the UI itself.
reword extraction phrase and remove newline

Double-clicking doesn't always extract the archive in the current
directory so it would be better to specify that that's *generally*
how it can be done.

I also remove an extra newline.
reword installation phrase

In general, it's better to refrain from using "here" as link text for
web accessibility. Descriptive links that indicate the destination are
doc: simplify getting started and add update steps
feat: remove unneeded directory creation steps
doc: add path modification to getting started
doc: simplify getting started with new features

This udpates our getting started guide to skip relay installation
now that you can connect directly with wisteria.
doc: ensure man.sr.ht renders TOC above installation text
doc: Add getting started guide