bugfix: add missing created timestamp field to spec
doc: update forest spec with new constraints and twig
doc: simplify getting started with new features

This udpates our getting started guide to skip relay installation
now that you can connect directly with wisteria.
doc: ensure man.sr.ht renders TOC above installation text
doc: Add getting started guide
doc: populate example replies
doc: fix overview metadata
doc: add example visualization of forest
doc: link to technical overview in index
doc: finish out technical overview
Add first chunk of technical overview
doc: improve contribution info
Fix typo in nixnet url
doc: make nixnet reference a hyperlink
doc: add sync meeting info to home page
Test adding hugo frontmatter
Fix minor wording in forest.md.
Integrate mirroring CI
Update with latest project components
Update results message to be called response again
Rename Recent and clarify