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@@ 45,6 45,7 @@ The Arbor Forest uses a number of common field types with specific meanings. The
- **Content Length**: an unsigned 16-bit integer representing how many bytes are in another field.
- **Hash Descriptor**: A Hash Type followed by a Content Length. The Content Length specifies how many bytes the hash digest output should be. These two pieces of data fully specify the hash procedure needed to construct a given hash.
- **Tree Depth**: an unsigned 32-bit integer indicating how many levels beneath the root of a particular tree a given node is.
- **Timestamp**: an unsigned 64-bit integer indicating the number of milliseconds since the start of the UNIX Epoch (January 1, 1970, 12:00:00 GMT)
- **Blob**: binary data with an unspecified length. Blobs should never be used without additional data clarifying their size and the nature of their contents.
- **Qualified Hash**: A Hash Descriptor followed by a Blob. This encodes both the procedure necessary to derive the hash value as well as the expected result. Special values:
  - If the **Hash Type** is 0 and the **Content Length** is zero, this is a reference to the _Null Hash_. This will usually be used in the `parent` field of nodes that are the root of a tree within the Arbor Forest.

@@ 64,6 65,7 @@ Common fields:
- `parent` **Qualified Hash**: the hash of the parent tree node. For identity and community nodes, this will always be the null hash **of all zeroes**
- `id_desc` **Hash Descriptor**: the hash algorithm and digest size that should be used to compute this Node's Id
- `depth` **Tree Depth**: the number of levels this node is from the root message in its tree. Root messages will be 0, their immediate child nodes should be 1.
- `created` **Timestamp**: when this node was created.
- `metadata` **Qualified Content**: TWIG data. Only valid if ContentType is TWIG.
- `author` **Qualified Hash**: the id of the Identity node that signed this node
- `signature` **Qualified Signature**: the actual binary signature of the node. The structure of this field varies by the type of key in the `author` field. The Content Type of this field should be a signature type of some kind.

@@ 79,6 81,7 @@ Determine the values of these fields:
- `parent`
- `id_desc`
- `depth`
- `created`
- `metadata`
- `author`
- all node-specific fields **order specified in the description of each node type**