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@@ 28,9 28,9 @@ There are three types of Node:
The Arbor Forest uses a number of common field types with specific meanings. These types are defined here and will be used to describe each field below.

- **Node Type**: an 8-bit unsigned integer indicating the type of this Node. Possible values are:
  - 1: Identity
  - 2: Community
  - 3: Reply
  - 0: Identity
  - 1: Community
  - 2: Reply
- **Hash Type**: an 8-bit unsigned integer representing a particular hash algorithm. Possible values:
  - 0: Null Hash, this indicates that this is not a hash value and it has no data content whatsoever. If this NodeType shows up in a Qualified Hash, it will have length of 0 and (correspondingly) no data bytes whatsoever.
  - 1: SHA512