North Carolina


Freelance engineer working to make portable GUIs easy and pleasant.

I'm one of Gio's two maintainers, and I focus on making the text and widget APIs great.

Some other fun projects:

  • Arbor, a tree-based, decentralizable chat platform
  • gover, an easy way to install and update Go on any *nix system

If you get value out of my work, please consider sponsoring me on Liberapay or GitHub.

I am also available for hire.


Estimate energy consumption


gioui.org/x; additional packages for gioui


decode utf8 stdin into its codepoints


Reference Arbor Chat Client implementation for mobile and desktop


wattwise.games website source code


Golang select over dynamic pool of channels


Ubuntu Summit 2023 Gio Resources


Grind away the colors and see what is left (in Zig)


wayland-book follow-along code


Install and switch between go versions easily


Golang library for working with the Arbor Forest Data Structure


tend to your finances; ledger-like cross-platform GUI


personal ledger fork


debug weird gio memory leak


Silly Chiptune Organ

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