North Carolina


Interested in Linux, decentralization, cryptography, golang/rust/c, and communication.

Working on Arbor Chat.


Prototype arbor chat client for mobile/desktop


Cross platform notification library for gioui.org


Project website source code: https://man.sr.ht/~whereswaldon/arborchat/


Send haptic feedback from Gio applications on Andriod. https://gioui.org


My playground for building cool things with gio! https://gioui.org


Golang library for working with the Arbor Forest Data Structure


Gio color manipulation widget


Terminal Arbor Chat Client


Golang library for speaking the Sprout Protocol (part of the Arbor Chat project)


A simple card game


Sourcehut project resources for arbor


Demonstration of connecting to a websocket from a gio interface built as WASM


Graphical assets for the arbor chat project


various presentation materials from talks I've given


[legacy] Arbor chat ecosystem web interface