North Carolina


Interested in Linux, decentralization, cryptography, golang/rust/c, and communication.

I spend most of my free time on:

  • Arbor, a tree-based, decentralizable chat platform
  • Gio, an immediate-mode UI framework for Go
  • Gio-Extras, my collection of libraries to extend Gio

If you get value out of my work, please consider sponsoring me on Liberapay or GitHub.


go types for working with the latest values sent on channels


gioui.org/x; additional packages for gioui


Reference Arbor Chat Client implementation for mobile and desktop


Golang library for speaking the Sprout Protocol (part of the Arbor Chat project)


A scroll indicator for gioui.org


Material Design components for gioui.org


Exotic layouts for gioui.org


Utility package for collecting profiling data from gioui.org applications


Cross platform notification library for gioui.org


Library of tools for managing Gio events


Gio color manipulation widget


Send haptic feedback from Gio applications on Andriod. https://gioui.org


Simple gravity simulation visualizer


Project website source code: https://man.sr.ht/~whereswaldon/arborchat/


Golang library for working with the Arbor Forest Data Structure

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