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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


toys is an experiment to create a JSON API for exploring Guix channels on the internets.

Issue tracker is here.

The live instance can be found at toys.whereis.みんな


If you'd like to join our channel webring send a patch to ~whereiseveryone/toys@lists.sr.ht adding your channel as an entry in channels.scm.


Send patches to ~whereiseveryone/toys@lists.sr.ht

jgart and unwox can review patches and merge them.

See the good-first-issue tags if you're looking for how to get started contributing.


Discussion regarding this project happens at #whereiseveryone on the Libera IRC network.

  • IRC users can connect to irc.libera.chat/#whereiseveryone
  • XMPP users can connect to #whereiseveryone%irc.libera.chat@irc.cheogram.com
  • Matrix users can connect to #libera_#whereiseveryone:matrix.org


Start a development environment:

guix shell
# or optionally
guix shell --container --network

Initialize the database:

./dev init

Pull symbols data (you may want to remove some channels for faster pull times):

./dev pull channels.scm

Run the server:

./dev serve