feat(home): readd CUSTOM-FILE replacement to HOME-EMACS-SERVICE-TYPE

I accidentally removed a feature when I rewrote HOME-EMACS-SERVICE-TYPE.  The
default configuration for setting variables with Custom is to write to the init
file, which of course is read-only under Guix, so this change sets it to use a
new writable '$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/emacs/custom.el' file.
fix(home): final tweaks and fixes for HOME-EMACS-SERVICE-TYPE

Removes the lazy-start feature of HOME-EMACS-SERVICE-TYPE; it seemed to be
breaking the service after I restarted.  Also makes a few final stylistic
feat(home): rewrite HOME-EMACS-SERVICE-TYPE

This commit completely rewrites the HOME-EMACS-SERVICE-TYPE, adding numerous
features.  It should now be upstream-quality :)

- Environment variables for the Emacs daemon are now set by building a profile
  out of the Emacs packages provided.
- Launching multiple differently-named Emacs servers is now supported.
- You can now specify the Emacs to run as the daemon and the Emacs for compiling
  packages as separate fields.
- Emacs is now launched only when a connection is received on its socket, thanks
guixrus: python-interrogate: Fix by using PRE-COMMIT.

* guixrus/packages/python.scm (python-interrogate)[native-inputs]: Replace
  PYTHON-PRE-COMMIT with PRE-COMMIT to fix channel build.
add toys package
Update riddim to 3420808b8d3f
1c0bedc9 — florhizome 18 days ago
remove rofi-wayland

    remove rofi-wayland which has been merged into guix
pmbootstrap: add openssl to propagated-inputs
qtile: install desktop file
bump qtile to 0.22.1
bump pmbootstrap to 1.51.0
Add cl-guix-utils
remove upstreamed emacs packages
Add guixrus-scripts
fd715261 — Charanjit Singh a month ago
add emacs-notes-migrator
add vim-autopairs package
fix himitsu failing to build randomly
remove upstreamed python-nanoid
add git-cola
hare-hbase: bump to revision 1