Fix build of croc package
update toys

co-authored-by: unwox
remove openring
remove grumble
fix build failure of (guixrus packages common go) module

upstream keeps moving go packages around
fix build failure of go packages with tests
51403f52 — Michal Atlas 6 months ago
home-mako-service: install mako package into profile

Most of the other home services install their respective packages.
So I figured this was just forgotten, especially
when the description specifies the service *installs* mako.
remove upstreamed zig stuff
Use upstream python-openai.
Remove emacs-ef-themes.
Update guixrus-scripts to version 1.0.0
Update cl-guix-utils (hash and propagated-inputs)
Add cl-guix-utils version 1.0.0
lisp: Remove upstreamed cl-collider.
python: Remove upstreamed python-pyment.
remove upstreamed emacs-piem
mention toys
stop guixrus exploding, 4/???
stop guixrus exploding, 3/???
replace wayland-protocols-next references with wayland-protocols