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naked - poc bindings for webshit Isaacing

One day I was in a voice call with Lambchop, and I was praying to the
lord for something better than anemic Python or PretentJS[1] so perhaps
maybe I could get into Isaac modding of some kind. 

I then remembered GopherJS and thought, hmm, couldn't I use that and
write Go code for Isaac mods with webshit for Isaac[1]? After year or however
long of thinking about it in the back of my head, and not just ignoring it
until I needed to get used to binding Go to JavaShit, I came up with this.

I won't waste your time shitting on you for using Lua. I won't waste your
time convieniently leaving out the performance impact of transpiling.
Transpiling will cause both performance and semantic problems. Whatever
performance hit you get with The Cargo Cult of Isaac[1] will be
multiplied by ten. Not only does GopherJS introduce a lot of code for
emulating Go, it also includes an entire runtime.

Go is a fantastic language created by people with at least a few brain
cells. I won't hype it up too much, but it's far simpler and easier 
than Typescript yet more powerful and pleasant to write in. If you know
an existing programming langauge, you can become useful in it usually
in less than a week (or a couple of weeks if you're new). If you find
Lua not powerful enough, and if you aren't a 10,000 IQ individual[2]
then this might be worth considering using once performance and whatnot
is more reasonable.

Included for your conveinence is some graphs.

                  cringe meter
  Lua API            naked    hover for isaac[1]
    |                  |                      |

                asshole level

you             me               Jesus Christ[2]
|               |                             |

Average monthly sexual partners of an individuals' mother
             v isaac snake oil salesman[2]*
10 Million -----
           |   |
           |   | 
           |   | 
           |   | 
10         |   |        v everyone else
           |   |     -----
0          |   |     |   |        

* Has had sexual intercourse with the creator of this repository.

Changing the content of these graphs is copyright infringement 
and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

[1] https://github.com/IsaacScript/isaacscript
[2] https://github.com/Zamiell