Bump version.
Update builds.
Update Makefile
Don't include paths in binary archives.
Fix Windows in the Makefile's archive target, sign the source tarball.
Bump from patch to minor, there's a breaking change.
Remove -2, add -1.
Bump version.
Update Makefile.
Fix path logic, and add build to .gitignore.
Change update to minor version instead of patch.
Catch when murse tries to write outside of the target directory for security purposes.
Update ancient Makefile, change upgradeMain's parameter name
I'm stupid.
Add gameinfo.txt overwrite flag to verifyMain, and use it.
Ignore gameinfo.txt during upgrade/repair if it exists, add option to disable this behaviour.
Fix and improve concurrency.
Don't delete the .revision file (Thanks Jan for pointing this out.)
bump version
Fix file not being truncated