Add tagging support.
Switch back to filepath.Base, fixes gameinfo protection.
Merge branch 'removeall-del-fix'
Bump to 0.3.2.
Use os.RemoveAll instead of os.Remove for broken TVN repositories.
Fix nil key on verification.
Fix mirroring, push to Open Fortress GitLab as well.
Add certificate of origin.
Allow single-threaded upgrades.
Add option to set threads in the toaster.
Print UNKNOWN if a type is unknown.
Also remove the temporary file if using fallback moving, idiot.
Fallback to copying the file instead of renaming, fixes issues with Plan 9/Windows.
Fix 386 being i386 in Makefile.
Update Makefile to include COPYING and ATTRIBUTION.
Update README, update Makefile to be usable for end-users.
Switch to github.com/minio/sha256-simd for hardware accelerated SHA-256.
Replace references to TVS with TVN.