a privacy-respecting PWA for the BK Germany web app - designed to be run on any phones
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better sort paper coupons
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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.

#Würger King

An unofficial free and open source cross-platform proxy server & web UI for the Burger King® app in Germany. (coupons only support Germany due to API changes)

This app can be used on old smartphones and unsupported operating systems and offers near full functionality for promotions and coupons.

The app is not affiliated with Burger King® in any way and usage is not allowed in any way not allowed by the terms of the Burger King® (Germany) app.

It is designed to be fast and lightweight and only required a browser to function.

This project started inspired by Slurger and builds on top of their previous work.

Furthermore this is now a webapp alternative for the Better King Telegram bot. You can use the Telegram bot for notifications and other features as well as the lightest possible mobile data experience.

The web-facing part is licensed GPLv3. Server and other parts are licensed under the MIT license. See LICENSE.md for more information.

Extra features:

  • more pretty coupons page: there will almost never be any gaps between coupons, no matter how you sort
  • more coupon filters (view historical coupons)
  • shows coupon count
  • shows paper coupons


  • basket mode for quickly scanning multiple coupons
  • coupon search
  • product list
  • offline API emulation (service worker)
  • show products in promotions
  • web view tile
  • king finder tile
  • delivery tile
  • link tile
  • ingredient list
  • allergen list


There is an existing online instance deployed on https://wurgerking.wfr.moe/.

To build from source and run it yourself, first install MongoDB and a D compiler.

First start mongodb, then run


to build & run the app. You can access it on (accessible over local network) afterwards.

To not be accessible over the local network, change the bindAddresses occurence in source/app.d to ["::1", ""]


If you are on commit cf69782 or before you should run

use wurgerking
db.coupons.update({}, {$set:{_region:"de/de"}}, false, true)
db.promos.update({}, {$set:{_region:"de/de"}}, false, true)
db.flags_.update({}, {$set:{_region:"de/de"}}, false, true)
db.flags_allergens.update({}, {$set:{_region:"de/de"}}, false, true)
db.flags_ingredients.update({}, {$set:{_region:"de/de"}}, false, true)
db.flags_productCategories.update({}, {$set:{_region:"de/de"}}, false, true)
db.flags_storeCategories.update({}, {$set:{_region:"de/de"}}, false, true)

in your mongodb database to update old entries. Otherwise all old data will be ignored and new data identical will be cached.

This app is not affiliated with Burger King®, Burger King Deutschland GmbH or any other third parties.

It is solely made as a project to research web app design based on a real usecase with the goal of offering wider availability for the app to older smartphones and devices with unsupported operating systems.

API usage is in no way officially recognized and is only used very sparsely to offer minimum functionality and it tries to use as few resources as possible to not cause any more weight than a normal user.