A utility to aid in organizing and compiling your gopro stuff
Remove archive and optimize from the organize command
Adds jpegoptim to the organize step
Update readme with requirements and timelapse documentation


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#GoPro Utils

A tool to help aid in the organization and automation of your GoPro file importing.



Copy the gopro file somewhere into your path.

Or simply execute it with python path/to/gopro.



Takes the crazy format that GoPro stores the files as and moves them into their respective directories.

The directory structure is as follows:

  • timelapse
    • chapter
  • videos
    • thumbnails
    • low-res
    • hi-res


Converts the timelapse images into a single mp4 file.

  • --fps - Set the frames per second you wish the timelapse to use. Default is 30 fps.
  • --output-dir - The output directory to store the mp4 file.
  • --name - The name of the timelapse file without the extension. Default is the parent directory name.
  • --width - The final width of the video.
  • --height - The final height of the video.
  • --rotate - The amount of degrees to rotate the video by. It is pinned to increments of 90 degrees.