d5e006da — Jan Walter 3 days ago master
Do not check in Cargo.lock files.
Prepare v0.2.9 release.
Categories and keywords for https://lib.rs/~wahn/dash ...
Prepare v0.2.8 release.
Example code how to use the use_dna() function.
Document all (current) structs and functions.
Wrong executable mentioned in LICENSE.rtf.
[windows] cargo wix init --force
cargo wix init --force
cargo wix init
Prepare v0.2.7 release.
Merge branch 'master' of git.sr.ht:~wahn/blend_info
[doc] Usage as a crate (used in your own code) - pub fn read_dna().
Prepare v0.2.5 release.
We need get_float4(...) for Blender 3.0 to read colors from shader nodes.
Prepare v0.2.5 release.
For each struct read return a pointer and the SDNAnr.
Implement and use get_char(...).
Correct indentation for docs (help message).
Make the code for '--struct_name' a bit more readable.