Hosting service for collaboration on creating music.
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Hosting service for music collaboration between composers, performers and sound engineers.


Doujinshi is the Japanese term for self-published works such as magazines, manga or novels. These artists often work outside the mainstream industry, therefore they collectively aim at establishing a vehicle to present their creations.

Doujin generalizes this concept to other fields. In other words, it's a term for a group that shares similar interests. A manifestation of the concept in music is examplified by moonbowmusicmovie.

#How it works

Musical pieces are composed collaboratively and available under a free cultural work license.

  1. Composers write pices of music in musical notation;
  2. Performers play, record and upload the audio files;
  3. Sound engineers bring the audio files together into one piece.


  • Collaboration
    1. Upload sheet music
    2. Record
    3. Mix
    4. Share
  • Supports
    • Sheet Music
    • Lily Pond
    • Tracker music formats
    • Musescore
    • Raw audio
  • Choose a license for the sheet music, audio tracks and final result
  • GPL Licensed & Javascript-Free

#Getting Started

Requires the guix package manager installed. You can install it on a foreign GNU/Linux distro following these steps.

git clone https://git.sr.ht/~w96k/doujinhub
cd doujinhub
flask run


This project is under active development. Its scope isn't limited to music production only.

Have a look at the todo tracker.

The usage of Javascript will be minized and all of it will be available under free licenses and will be LibreJS compatible.

This project uses the GNU coding guidelines.


Donations are appreciated.