Add phpactor
Add corfu documentation mode
Change lsp-mode to eglot
Add maximized emacs
Emacs: don't open buffer list in a new window
Emacs: Change region and hl-line colors
Remove mini-modeline line
Change font to Jetbrains Mono
Don't show header with full path because it brokes other headers
Add explicit dejavu sans mono font for wayland sessions
Emacs: add docker-compose-mode and org-sql ot packages
Emacs: Delete corfu-doc, because it is obsolette
Emacs: Update loading guix copyright file
Add emacs ppa package link
7d46d84a — Mikhail Kirillov 3 months ago
Add package.el
Emacs: add git-timemachine
Fix flycheck
Emacs: add rmsbolt
Add php flycheck; Add javascript to org babel;
Emacs: add psysh. Add undo-tree to org-mode.