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#lotide installation

#For production

Requirements: rustc (>=1.56.1), cargo, openssl, and a PostgreSQL database

Set these environment variables:

  • DATABASE_URL - Credentials for database connection.
  • HOST_URL_ACTIVITYPUB - If using the recommended proxy setup, set this to your root address (https://example.com)
  • HOST_URL_API - e.g. https://example.com/api
  • APUB_PROXY_REWRITES - Set to true to make signatures work with the proxy setup.
  • ALLOW_FORWARDED - Set to true to make ratelimiting work with the proxy setup.
  • BACKEND_HOST - (for hitide only) Set this to a URL which hitide can use to reach lotide

Optionally (but recommended):

  • SMTP_URL - URL used to access SMTP server, required for sending email (e.g. smtps://username:password@smtp.example.com)
  • SMTP_FROM - From value used in sent emails, required for sending email
  • MEDIA_LOCATION - Directory on disk used for storing uploaded images. If not set, image uploads will be disabled.

To build lotide, run cargo build --release in the lotide directory. A lotide binary will appear in ./target/release.

hitide can be built in the same way.

To set up the database, run lotide migrate setup, then lotide migrate.

This is written for Nginx, but it should be possible to adapt it to other proxy servers. Replace c_backend_1 and c_hitide_1 with your actual hostnames.

client_max_body_size 1G;
proxy_set_header X-Forwarded-For $remote_addr;

location /api {
	proxy_pass http://c_backend_1:3333;
location /apub {
	proxy_pass http://c_backend_1:3333;
	proxy_set_header Host $host;
	proxy_set_header X-Forwarded-Path $request_uri;
location /.well-known {
	proxy_pass http://c_backend_1:3333;
location / {
	if ($http_accept ~* "application/activity\+json") {
		rewrite ^(.*)$ /apub$1;
	if ($http_content_type = application/activity+json) {
		rewrite ^(.*)$ /apub$1;
	proxy_pass http://c_hitide_1:4333;

#For development

Requirements: rustc, cargo, openssl, and a PostgreSQL database

The following environment variables are required (An environment variable manager like direnv is recommended in order to avoid these variables interfering with other programs.)

  • DATABASE_URL - Credentials for database connection. For examples see the tokio-postgres documentation.
  • HOST_URL_ACTIVITYPUB - Typically http://localhost:3333/apub for dev instances
  • HOST_URL_API - Typically http://localhost:3333/api for dev instances

Run cargo run -- migrate setup, then cargo run -- migrate to update the database schema.

To build and run lotide, run cargo run in the lotide directory.

To show debug logging, set the environment variable RUST_LOG=lotide=debug. See the env-logger docs for more details.

Note that lotide itself does not contain a frontend, so you probably want to also setup hitide.