ref: e971bcca4a7b2756f71ab505497cabb13ae9000e lotide/src/routes/api/mod.rs -rw-r--r-- 68.6 KiB
Add api/unstable/instance endpoint
Include remote_url in actor info
Resolve some lint warnings
User profile descriptions (#67)
Generate local_hostname at start
markdown support for replies
Support markdown for post content
User content listing
Community Descriptions (#54)
Increase post list length to 30
Allow z and 9 in names
Make local actor names unique between both users and communities
Return new post ID in post creation output
Return has_replies for comments even if we don't fetch all replies
Fetch replies when getting comment info
Handle delayed follow acceptance (#42)
Initial work on like undos
include_your to retrieve follows and likes
Use preferredUsername for groups as well