ref: a180781e02e14910f367bf2c704b84103e84b8c2 lotide/src/routes/api/users.rs -rw-r--r-- 20.1 KiB
a180781e — Colin Reeder 5 months ago
Include score and optionally your_vote in every post list (#109)
Merge branch 'api-changes' into master
Breaking API change: make login user info more consistent
da817f5d — Colin Reeder 6 months ago
Add initial support for media uploads
8bc33066 — Colin Reeder 6 months ago
Add CORS headers to responses
1c3bad4c — Colin Reeder 6 months ago
Add password & email_address to user edit fields
Add email_address to person table and signup API
Add basic support for user avatars
Merge branch 'api-changes' into master
Unify users routes