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a180781e — Colin Reeder 9 months ago
Include score and optionally your_vote in every post list (#109)
Merge branch 'api-changes' into master
Breaking API change: rename comments to replies in post info
Breaking API change: make login user info more consistent
Add media upload API to docs
1c3bad4c — Colin Reeder 9 months ago
Add password & email_address to user edit fields
f93374da — Colin Reeder 9 months ago
Add logout endpoint
1eac81cb — Colin Reeder 9 months ago
Merge branch 'forgot-password' into master
Add documentation for forgot_password APIs
Add email_address to person table and signup API
Add API for removing community moderators
Add API for listing and adding community moderators
Introduce site admins, allow them to edit site description
Add basic support for user avatars
Add PathUserID to docs
Merge branch 'api-changes' into master
Replace me with ~me in docs
Support users in actors:lookup
Replace "like" APIs with "your_vote"
Fix mistake in api schema