ref: 6f183c37ed24dfe1b8fc69a68f31b10bda3e49bd lotide/res d---------
754c40dc — Colin Reeder 1 year, 16 days ago
Disallow empty comments (#106)
da817f5d — Colin Reeder 1 year, 19 days ago
Add initial support for media uploads
7dfcc4fd — Colin Reeder 1 year, 28 days ago
Update translation to esperanto
1eac81cb — Colin Reeder 1 year, 30 days ago
Merge branch 'forgot-password' into master
32fee9a2 — Colin Reeder 1 year, 30 days ago
Add endpoint for checking forgot password key validity
e1683a89 — Colin Reeder 1 year, 30 days ago
Initial work on Forgot Password
Add email_address to person table and signup API
Add API for listing and adding community moderators
Introduce site admins, allow them to edit site description
Merge branch 'api-changes' into master
Support users in actors:lookup
Add API for modifying post approval
Require valid URLs for posts (#71)
fix file extension for language files
Implement translation using Fluent