78e3a60d — Colin Reeder 6 hours ago master
Merge branch 'reply-attachment'
Add comment attachments to API doc
3a2ed68f — Colin Reeder 7 hours ago
Implement federation for comment attachments
7fb4b3ee — Colin Reeder 23 hours ago
Initial work on reply attachment support
Apply sanitization to comment content
408622ff — Colin Reeder 7 days ago
Remove note about sanitization in docs
73ecba65 — Colin Reeder 7 days ago
Sanitize outgoing HTML (#110)
a180781e — Colin Reeder 7 days ago
Include score and optionally your_vote in every post list (#109)
Merge branch 'api-changes' into master
Breaking API change: rename comments to replies in post info
Breaking API change: make login user info more consistent
Move ratelimit implementation into external crate 'henry'
Add media upload API to docs
Update docs with new env variables
Bypass ratelimit if ALLOW_FORWARDED is true but no X-Forwarded-For
daea3783 — Colin Reeder 10 days ago
Merge branch 'ratelimit' into master
eb570ccf — Colin Reeder 10 days ago ratelimit
Remove logging from ratelimit, increase rate to a more reasonable number
a2b6f670 — Colin Reeder 10 days ago
Allow using X-Forwarded-For to change ratelimit key
Initial work on ratelimiting
754c40dc — Colin Reeder 13 days ago
Disallow empty comments (#106)
2f611bb5 — Colin Reeder 13 days ago
Use a Note with attachment for image posts