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@@ 54,3 54,5 @@ The following environment variables are required (*An environment variable manag
Run `migrant setup`, then `migrant apply -a` to update the database schema.

To build and run lotide, run `cargo run` in the lotide directory.

Note that lotide itself does not contain a frontend, so you probably want to also setup [hitide](https://git.sr.ht/~vpzom/hitide).

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@@ 4,6 4,14 @@ mod well_known;

pub fn route_root() -> crate::RouteNode<()> {
        .with_handler_async("GET", |_, _, _| {
                    "lotide is running. Note that lotide itself does not include a frontend, and you'll need to install one separately."
        .with_child("apub", apub::route_apub())
        .with_child("api", api::route_api())
        // temporary Lemmy compat. To be removed.