ref: ec9a80efb3340d4254c460526cd698baa9a92314 hitide/src/components/mod.rs -rw-r--r-- 18.7 KiB
ec9a80ef — Colin Reeder 9 months ago
Limit post titles to one line in lists
Include time in post list
Show comment count in post lists
8c98e0d7 — Colin Reeder 11 months ago
Show delete link for local content for site admins
2d73518b — Colin Reeder 11 months ago
Support comment image attachments
ccae2cb9 — Colin Reeder 11 months ago
Add logout button in header
Use icon for like buttons
Use SVG icons instead of emoji
Link to comment parent & post (#70)
Merge branch 'lang'
Replace timeago with custom implementation with language files
Initial work on translation support
Add time to comments
Resolve lint warnings
Show time of posts
Use tables for form labels
Add link to logged in user's profile
User content listing
Add UI for editing community descriptions