ref: e33885df6f81c314f5b7d6ed44ac3c5835632969 hitide/src/routes/posts.rs -rw-r--r-- 21.6 KiB
Replace println!() calls with log::debug!()

Signed-off-by: Matthias Beyer <mail@beyermatthias.de>
Style changes to better distinguish posts & comments

- Add a border around post content
- Make comment action links smaller and gray
- Use <div> instead of <p> around content, as <p> cannot be nested
- Change <p> style to only have bottom margin
- Add a bit more spacing in a few places
8c98e0d7 — Colin Reeder 9 months ago
Show delete link for local content for site admins
2d73518b — Colin Reeder 9 months ago
Support comment image attachments
Adapt to renamed field in post API
652e15b0 — Colin Reeder 9 months ago
Show error for post reply
Use icon for like buttons
Merge branch 'api-changes' into master
Use new vote APIs
Add UI for post removal
Add infoBox for non-approved posts
List post likes
Merge branch 'lang'
Replace timeago with custom implementation with language files
Initial work on translation support
Show time of posts
Use markdown for comments as well
User content listing
Disable action buttons when already performed (#47)