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#What is DCC++ EX?

DCC++ EX is the organization maintaining several codebases that together represent a fully open source DCC system. Currently, this includes the following:

  • CommandStation-EX - the latest take on the DCC++ command station for controlling your trains. Runs on an Arduino board, and includes advanced features such as a WiThrottle server implementation, turnout operation, general purpose inputs and outputs (I/O), and JMRI integration.
  • exWebThrottle - a simple web based controller for your DCC++ command station.
  • BaseStation-installer - an installer executable that takes care of downloading and installing DCC++ firmware onto your hardware setup.
  • BaseStation-Classic - the original DCC++ software, packaged in a stable release. No active development, bug fixes only.

A basic DCC++ EX hardware setup can use easy to find, widely avalable Arduino boards that you can assemble yourself.

Both CommandStation-EX and BaseStation-Classic support much of the NMRA Digital Command Control (DCC) standards, including:

  • simultaneous control of multiple locomotives
  • 2-byte and 4-byte locomotive addressing
  • 28 or 128-step speed throttling
  • Activate/de-activate all accessory function addresses 0-2048
  • Control of all cab functions F0-F28 and F29-F68
  • Main Track: Write configuration variable bytes and set/clear specific configuration variable (CV) bits (aka Programming on Main or POM)
  • Programming Track: Same as the main track with the addition of reading configuration variable bytes
  • And many more custom features. see What's new in CommandStation-EX?

#What’s in this Repository?

This repository, CommandStation-EX, contains a complete DCC++ EX Commmand Station sketch designed for compiling and uploading into an Arduino Uno, Mega, or Nano.

To utilize this sketch, you can use the following:

  1. (beginner) our automated installer
  2. (intermediate) download the latest version from the releases page
  3. (advanced) use git clone on this repository

Not using the installer? Open the file "CommandStation-EX.ino" in the Arduino IDE. Please do not rename the folder containing the sketch code, nor add any files in that folder. The Arduino IDE relies on the structure and name of the folder to properly display and compile the code. Rename or copy config.example.h to config.h. If you do not have the standard setup, you must edit config.h according to the help texts in config.h.

#What's new in CommandStation-EX?

  • WiThrottle server built in. Connect Engine Driver or WiThrottle clients directly to your Command Station (or through JMRI as before)
  • WiFi and Ethernet shield support
  • No more jumpers or soldering!
  • Direct support for all the most popular motor control boards including single pin (Arduino) or dual pin (IBT_2) type PWM inputs without the need for an adapter circuit
  • I2C Display support (LCD and OLED)
  • Improved short circuit detection and automatic reset from an overload
  • Current reading, sensing and ACK detection settings in milliAmps instead of just pin readings
  • Improved adherence to the NMRA DCC specification
  • Complete support for all the old commands and front ends like JMRI
  • Railcom cutout (beta)
  • Simpler, modular, faster code with an API Library for developers for easy expansion
  • New features and functions in JMRI
  • Ability to join MAIN and PROG tracks into one MAIN track to run your locos
  • "Drive-Away" feature - Throttles with support, like Engine Driver, can allow a loco to be programmed on a usable, electrically isolated programming track and then drive off onto the main track
  • Diagnostic commands to test decoders that aren't reading or writing correctly
  • Support for Uno, Nano, Mega, Nano Every and Teensy microcontrollers
  • User Functions: Filter regular commands (like a turnout or output command) and pass it to your own function or accessory
  • Support for LCN (layout control nodes)
  • mySetup.h file that acts like an Autoexec.Bat command to send startup commands to the CS
  • High Accuracty Waveform option for rock steady DCC signals
  • New current response outputs current in mA, overlimit current, and maximum board capable current. Support for new current meter in JMRI
  • USB Browser based EX-WebThrottle
  • New, simpler, function control command
  • Number of locos discovery command <#>
  • Emergency stop command <!>
  • Release cabs from memory command <-> all cabs, <- CAB> for just one loco address
  • Automatic slot (register) management
  • Automation (coming soon)

NOTE: DCC-EX is a major rewrite to the code. We started over and rebuilt it from the ground up! For what that means, you can read HERE.

#More information

You can learn more at the DCC++ EX website

  • November 14, 2020