20220918 10 days ago .tar.gz browse log

Release 20220918

* Nixpkgs
  - update overlays
* Home-manager
  - use gitFull for git-send-mail
  - update alacritty stylesheet
  - add dark mode in qutebrowser
* XMonad
  - modify keybindings for multiple displays
* Emacs
  - update agda and proof general keybindings
  - add insert zero width space function

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Release 20220706

* Repos
  - migrate from gitlab to sr.ht
* XMonad
  - change wsWindows to applications prompt
* Home-manager
  - remove lfs (it has issues when migrating to other server. Saving all data in
  the original repo is better)

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Release 20220701

* NixOS
  - use internal dhcp for NM
  - add weyuls for tablet
* Emacs
  - modify keybindngs for org-ql
  - create custom dir automatically with its parent
  - add consult flycheck
  - add options for use package ensure for non-nixos
  - fix exclude algorithm
  - only use :infix of general.el for define new generator

20220608 3 months ago .tar.gz browse log

Release 20220608

* Emacs
  - remove python because it is useless for me
  - add package.el config for backend
  - replaces org-contrib with its separated packages
  - remove hlinum which is obsolete in 2020
  - remove origami which is useless for me
  - add keybinds for magit-dispatch which is used when git repo is large where
    magit-status is slow
  - fix lsp function name
  - add bindings for find-file-literally for large file which also can be called
    by embark
* NixOS
  - update flakes
  - update overlays

20220531 3 months ago .tar.gz browse log

Release 20220531

* NixOS
  - update overlays

20220530 3 months ago .tar.gz browse log

Release 20220530

* NixOS
  - 22.05 released and merged
* Emacs
  - use melpa unstable telega
  - remove SPC bindings for telega
  - remove mu4e maildirs extensions which is merged into mu4e in 2020
  - global visual line mode is opened
  - evil opens symbol word search
  - change some keybindings
  - add dired guess shell and dwin target
  - change some keybindings of embark
  - ibuffer supports with project.el
* XMonad
  - keybindings update

20220524 4 months ago .tar.gz browse log

Release 20220524

* NixOS & HM
  + merge to 22.05 pre
  + apply nvfetcher but the update has problem now and we have manully manage it
  * update overlay working with nvfetcher
* Emacs
  * dirvish replaces ranger.el and
  * vertico, orderless and ... replace ivy
  * project.el replaces projectile
  - remove which-key
  - remove auctex-latexmk
* XMonad
  * change many keybinds
  * use multiple files with lib instead of single one
  - deprecate magic center and cycle layout
  + add space between windows
  + increase border size

20220307 6 months ago .tar.gz browse log

Release 20220307

* Emacs
  - seperate vonfry-local-dir from vonfry-custom-dir
  - add nix flake snippet
  - add zoxide keybindings
  - close linum mode and use model line instead
* NixOS
  - replace sudo with doas
  - add nixpkgs and unstable into nix registry
  - use btop instead of htop

deprecated/nixos/sudo 7 months ago .tar.gz browse log

todo: add gtk use native input

20211223 9 months ago .tar.gz browse log

Release 20211223

* neovim
  - support lsp
* home-manager
  - remove httpstat
* emacs
  - remove treemacs
  - redefine projectlie files
  - bind swiper to top
  - modify dumb-jump keybindings
* NixOS
  - update sync script for modules

About TAGS and lsp.

LSP contains more functions like diagnostic, which is more generic for each
languages. Therefore, we use it defaultly for main languages.
TAGS are supported by builtin in emacs and vim. They are used as a backend which
is not reflected in configure because no config is needed.
Simply using ctags, hasktags or other tools to general tags or TAGS (emacs,
etags), and editor can read them. The keybindings are binded by editors
defaultly as well.
If you want to read code staticly, codequery, cflow, ebrowser and etc can be
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