add emacs keybindings for insert char, zero wide space and remove duplicated key
be8dee97 — Vonfry an hour ago
change some history file into cache instead of local
remove zsh history substring search because we use autocomplete with anthor style history completion

By the way, when using fzf, it also can use fzf, so I forget to remove this plugin.
remove perl alias
42887b1d — Vonfry 19 hours ago
remove nixos-cn from binary cache of nix, because it is deprecated.
1f6f2516 — Vonfry 19 hours ago
nixpkgs & overlays update
c2a0e62e — Vonfry 3 days ago
remove unnecessary comment in im packages
ddecc0a8 — Vonfry 3 days ago
set ement room images after server start
7c7ef12a — Vonfry 3 days ago
reopen zsh completion and set completion init as empty to make nix-completion work automatically
2f13050c — Vonfry 3 days ago
remove unused variable
dc3d67d0 — Vonfry 3 days ago
Revert "enable zsh completion because it can work with zsh-autocomplete for me"

This reverts commit 44fa90dcd732d37e92e17f6c1c4c98467451b168.

Because this slow down the init process
5050bb16 — Vonfry 3 days ago
enable zsh completion because it can work with zsh-autocomplete for me

The autocomplete doc says that we should close it, but it worked for me, so opening.
61ac05bf — Vonfry 3 days ago
add auto-complete for zsh and remove fzf and fzf-tab
22717880 — Vonfry 4 days ago
remove neovim config

I use vim seldom now, so remove it from my config and use emacs only. And the
pager tools use the default one instead.
remove git lfs from system package
7b6437b7 — Vonfry 7 days ago
add more evil keybinding for org mode
2790ef35 — Vonfry 8 days ago
migrate to new nixos xkb config
use new gpt 4 preview in gptshell
update nyxt styles
update overlay and nixpkgs, remove unstable flake