Merge branch 'release/20220918'
emacs/agda & pg: modify some keybindings
xmonad: modify screen action keybindings
emacs/org: add keybindings to insert zero width spaces
nixpkgs/overlay: update
xmonad: modify dragPane split ratio
dev/git: use gitFull for send-email
alacritty: bar -> footer_bar
home-manager/latexmk: lualatex is the default engine
home-manager/qutebrowser: set prefers color scheme
Merge tag '20220706' into develop

Release 20220706

* Repos
  - migrate from gitlab to sr.ht
* XMonad
  - change wsWindows to applications prompt
* Home-manager
  - remove lfs (it has issues when migrating to other server. Saving all data in
  the original repo is better)
Merge branch 'release/20220706'
home-manager/git: remove lfs
emacs/dashboard: update repo and urls
xmonad/keys: replace prompt current ws window with all applications

the current workspace can be jump by easy motion and other methods so a prompt
is useless.
An application jump can help to find windows quickly than window name because
the window name may not contain the app name which is hard to jump by window name
emacs/keybindings: set M-x under vmap
Merge tag '20220701' into develop

Release 20220701

* NixOS
  - use internal dhcp for NM
  - add weyuls for tablet
* Emacs
  - modify keybindngs for org-ql
  - create custom dir automatically with its parent
  - add consult flycheck
  - add options for use package ensure for non-nixos
  - fix exclude algorithm
  - only use :infix of general.el for define new generator
Merge branch 'release/20220701'
emacs/org: add some org-ql bindings for global and set the ones only worked under org-mode only in mode map
emacs/dashboard: find fortune before set messages