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I wanted to have a quick, no frills thesaurus that I could access with the CLI. Was tired of opening a browser and navigating over to a thesaurus website. Now I never have to leave the command line again! 🤖


  • Python 3
  • POSIX make
  • An internet connection

Shout out to Manwholikespie for writing the included opensource thesaurus API


Simply run:

# install our dependencies
make deps # installs the thesaurus API in ~/.local
# (as root)
make install

# to uninstall
make uninstall


thez baroque          # synonyms (or explicitly use -s flag)
thez -a baroque       # antonyms
thez -o baroque       # origins of word
thez -e baroque       # use in an example sentence
thez -v               # show version information
thez -h               # show this message


  • better exception handling
  • unit tests
  • man page
  • color output

#Built With

Free and Open Source software +

❤️ @ Winter Hackathon 2019 📕

#License / Disclaimer

This project is licensed under the 3-clause BSD license. (See LICENSE.md)

I take no responsibility for you blowing stuff up.