updated version output format
updated license
Moved logo into repo and updated README
Added more links for the README deps
Fix README and comments
fixed more shellcheck issues and improved comments
addressed more shellcheck issues
properly unset variable before return
removed unused variable
added resolution input checking
fix manfile install loc
eebd3696 — lotus 2 years ago
fixed bug with config storage path, fixed bug with recreating tree attempt on config rerun, version bump
969ff415 — lotus 2 years ago
removed dependency on entr, updated readme accordingly
b3b5702c — lotus 2 years ago
Added more comments and cleaned up foramtting. Version bump.
9e19eda9 — lotus 2 years ago
added note about video group
de37bf27 — lotus 2 years ago
video format as a variable now; avi. expect /dev/video0 as webcam.
3bf2d1cd — lotus 2 years ago
removed local keyword (not posix compliant), added more comments, version bump
681fb4ed — lotus 2 years ago
a2ec5f1e — lotus 2 years ago
added todo list