Puffy's Encrypted Container Manager - A tool for simplifying secure virtual devices in OpenBSD
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I use the ctmg tool written by Jason Donenfeld (aka zx2c4) on my Linux machines. I wanted a tool like ctmg for OpenBSD. This tool requires that you have doas configured.

#doas configuration

# if you haven't already, add a line like this to /etc/doas.conf
permit persist BobBoblaw

# allow user bob to execute superuser commands


Simply run:

doas make install

# to uninstall
doas make uninstall

There are no dependencies, but this tool only works for OpenBSD.


pecm new 1000 MB
pecm open container.ct # (pecm expects your container to have the .ct extension at runtime)
pecm list
pecm close container

#Differences from ctmg

  • Does not create sparse containers
  • Does not include the 'delete' flag (I'll let you type rm)
  • Currently spaces in container names are not supported (working on refactoring)


With the generic kernel you can only have 4 virtual devices open at once. You have to compile a custom kernel to change this value. See the man page for vnd for more info.

#License / Disclaimer

This project is licensed under the 3-clause BSD license. (See LICENSE.md)

I take no responsibility for you blowing stuff up.

Artwork courtesy of freepik (CC 3.0 BY)