added build file, added test target to makefile, added badge to README
updated version output format
updated license
Moved logo into repo and updated README
Fix comments
addressed the rest of the shellcheck issues. all clean now :)
added dependency check to make sure they exist and are executable. addressed some shellcheck issues. version bump.
revert cxxflags
fixed cflags and cxxflags
updated make templates to include correct man page location
fixed man page location
fixed man install path
added include and test dirs for c and cpp projects, updated README.
added new info into readme and manpage
removed dependency on Golang, improved makefiles, refactored code, prepared test dir, improved README
removed local keyword (not posix compliant)
updated README
improved help info from -h, moved general info to own function
added boost, isc, and zlib licenses. updated readme to reflect this
added Perl, BSD0, and BSD4 licenses, fixed bug with spaces, updated readme to reflect these changes