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@@ 30,6 30,11 @@ into your project and adjust the `use` path accordingly. Alternatively,
follow the instructions below about how to generate your own bindings, for
example if you're using specific OpenGL extensions.

The functions and constants are named the same as their original OpenGL
counterparts, so you can use the `glFunctions()` and `GL_COSTANTS` you're used
to by prefixing them with `gl::`, i.e. `gl::glBindVertexBuffer()` and

There are two options for loading the OpenGL bindings. Firstly, you can use the
built-in loader that comes with hare-gl. You can use this loader together with
another library, such as [hare-sdl2](https://git.sr.ht/~sircmpwn/hare-sdl2). To