fotografiska organises your photos into a simple directory structure based on EXIF creation times.
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fotografiska organises your photos/videos into a certain directory structure that is easy to browse with a regular file manager.

NOTE: This project has been superseded by fotografiska2.

Your photos/videos should be in a single folder (files in nested folders won't be used). They will be organised into subfolders by year and month, and their filename will start with the date they were taken, as well as including a unique hash of (part of) the file.

Here's an example. Let's say your input looks like this:

DSCF4325.JPG (taken 2021/01/01 05:23:11)
DSCF1234.JPG (taken 2020/08/27 11:00:00)

They will then be organised as follows:


The creation date and time will be taken from the EXIF data. When no EXIF data is available, such as with videos, the file's modification time will be used.


  1. Please note that if your photo/video has no EXIF data, and you've e.g. made a copy of the file so its modification time is not the time it was taken, fotografiska cannot correctly organise your photos into correct dates and times.

  2. Always make a backup of your photos/videos before using fotografiska. It's been reasonably tested, but you probably don't want to lose your photos, so copy them to a separate folder first just to be safe.


You can install libexif with e.g. apt install libexif. It also depends on gettext, autopoint and libtool, which your package manager should install automatically.


You can easily build fotografiska with:

mkdir bin
cd bin
cmake ..
cd ..


To see the usage message, run:

./fotografiska --help

Typical usage looks like:

./fotografiska --src-dir my_photos/ --out-dir organised_photos/

Do a dry run first to confirm that everything looks ok:

./fotografiska --src-dir my_photos/ --out-dir organised_photos/ --dry-run


NOTE: This project has been superseded by fotografiska2, so these items will not be fixed.

  • Add precompiled builds (in particular for Windows)
  • Move away from libexif and towards something that (1) is more lightweight and (2) supports HEIC


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