Things we coded for clumsy computer videos: https://clumsy.computer


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#Things coded on the clumsy computer stream

clumsy computer is a channel where we code things from scratch to understand programming better! We've built things from a regular expression engine to an OCR implementation live on stream, usually with no imports or libraries.

This repository contains the code for all the things that we coded on the stream and in the videos.

If you find it interesting, please stop by the stream, we'd love to have you around! There's currently no schedule, so you can follow twitch.tv/clumsycomputer and you'll be notified when it's live!


  • From Scratch #1: A full-featured regex engine (Python, no imports)

  • From Scratch #2: OCR/image recognition using basic machine learning with k-NN (Python, no imports)

  • From Scratch #3: Remaking Vue.js from scratch

    • code
    • (video will be remade in the future)
  • From Scratch #4: An extensible Twitch bot (Python, no libraries)


clumsy computer is vladh.