Love cats, programming, philosophy, music, languages and videogames. Being kind is cool.

I worked on the Hare programming language, please check it out!


These are my dotfiles, I hope you find them useful! :)


vladh's microblog


A page that collects projects from the Hare community. Feel free to submit yours!


The shimei task system.


A simple 3D game engine written from scratch in Hare


Fork of https://github.com/Dav1dde/glad with Hare support


Hare support for WAV files


Syntax highlighting files for the shimei task system.


Hare bindings for Pipewire


Hare SPA POD Implementation


A Hare 2D graphics demo


Hare freetype2 bindings


A 3D game engine from scratch.


Advent of Code 2022 in Go

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