A Huginn agent for writing arbitrary data to a SQLite3 database
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#SQLite3 Agent

This gem provides an agent for Huginn which provides an easy interface for writing to SQLite 3 databases.

For detailed instructions on its usage, please see the Markdown description within the agent's source (which will also be displayed in your Huginn dashboard).


Like any other Huginn agent, you may install this agent by adding thw following to your .env file:


or, if you wish to stay on the bleeding edge:


Note that this gem relies on the sqlite3 gem which itself requires SQLite3 development headers. If you're running Huginn on a regular server, satisfying this requirement may be as simple as running apt install libsqlite3-dev (or whatever your distro's equivilent may be). For those of you running Huginn via Docker, you may need to build a custom image in order to get this running. Not to fear though, this isn't too hard:

FROM huginn/huginn

USER root
RUN apt-get update && apt-get install -y libsqlite3-dev

USER 1001

You can then build the image with:

docker build -t custom-huginn .