A Harvest timetracking widget for your touchbar
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#Harvest for Touchbar

This is a simple script for BetterTouchTool which allows users to control their currently active timer on Harvest.

Harvest for Touchbar in action

The extension is essentialy a touchbar-based duplicate of Harvest for Mac's menu bar.


Before getting started, please ensure you have BetterTouchTool, Ruby, and Bundler installed on your on your Mac.

Once you have these packages installed cd into a directory you're not likely to accidentally delete (as that will break the widget) and clone the repository:

$ git clone https://github.com/stevenleeg/harvest-touchbar.git harvest-touchbar

Next you'll need to generate a personal access token from Harvest's developer console for the widget to access your account. Once you've generated your credentials you'll need to create a file, config.yml with the following contents:

harvest_token: [auth token here]
harvest_account_id: [account id here]

We'll also need to install some Ruby dependencies by running:

$ bundle

Finally we'll generate a JSON configuration snippet used to add the widget to BTT and copy it into your system clipboard:

$ ruby harvest.rb -j | pbcopy

Once copied, you can open BTT's touchbar configuration screen and add the widget by right clicking on the list of widgets and clicking "Paste from JSON in clipboard":


VoilĂ ! You should now have a functional Harvest widget in your touchbar. Give it a tap to start/stop your latest timer.


Please feel free to open an issue or PR if you've found a bug. If you're looking to implement a feature, please open an issue before creating a PR so I can review it and make sure it's something that should be added.


This project is released under the MIT License. See LICENSE.txt for more information.