🌎 earth, the milky way galaxy ✨


(->> great


A simple app for converting HTTP post requests to an RSS feed


A simple toolkit for scraping and manipulating Citibike trip history in Python


Various code snippets


A service for generating RSS feeds from your Mastodon timelines.


Clojure-based static site generator for my personal website


fixing the web, one script at a time.


💃🛥️ Live DJing with your friends


📡 minimal knowledge signaling server for grooveboat


A Harvest timetracking widget for your touchbar


A data exploration in R of the increasingly dirty fuel mix used to serve NYISO during times of peak demand.


A Clojure/Babashka script for monitoring hackny.social's uptime


A markov chain bot for Mastodon written in Clojure


[deprecated] A bridge between Google Music and Amazon's Alexa


A Huginn agent for writing arbitrary data to a SQLite3 database

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