Attempting to complete what I started out to achieve with the original Kestrel-1 design back in 2004.
Fix commentary for numeric conversion words
Remove misleading comment.
Starting file for single-width numbers


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After I surrendered the on-going use of the name Kestrel to avoid possible litigation from a commercial company, I decided it was high time to reconsider how to move forward. The Kestrel-1 was left in the proof-of-concept stage: can I build a homebrew computer at all? The Kestrel-2 and Kestrel-2DX computer designs were essentially done; however, they were limited by their 48KiB memory space and lack of external expansion. All three of these units were test mules, in a sense; they provided valuable proofs of concept which encouraged me to work on the Kestrel-3. But, alas, that project was squashed when the name was, in essence, taken from me.

After a bit of soul-searching, I decided to return to the Kestrel's roots and make an open computer which booted into Forth as its system software environment. Hence, ForthBox.