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#Hugo Theme: Doc et al

Doc et al or Docetal, for Documentation and other tools, is theme for Hugo. It's designed to present a project with frontpages, documentation, offline usage and PDF export.

It was inspired by the Dgraph, Syna, Grav Learn and Learn themes.

Doc et al uses modern Hugo features:

  • Assets to manage CSS and Javascript files (minifying and versioning)
  • Markup to render links to images


  • Layouts for front (default) and documentation (doc) pages
  • Layout for listing files within a directory
  • Concatenate all documentation into single page for printing or PDF export (agg layout)
  • Unlimited menu levels and Table of contents in documentation
  • List child pages (children layout)
  • Search based on Lunr
  • Customizable colors using themes variants
  • Font Awesome for icons
  • Offline. All resources (fonts, CSS, Javascript) are loaded locally.


See refs page.


Visit this guide to install Doc et al.


Doc et al is distributed under the Mozilla Public License Version 2.0 (see /LICENSE).