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i386: remove spurious HAL number bank

It's not needed in Low HAL and is reimplemented in High HAL.
2 files changed, 28 insertions(+), 34 deletions(-)

M fs/doc/hal.txt
M fs/xcomp/i386/kernel.fs
M fs/doc/hal.txt => fs/doc/hal.txt +15 -0
@@ 44,6 44,21 @@ few specialized A-related words.
The "High HAL" is implemented in the assemblers and complete the API. The API
of each half is described in the sections below.

### Low HAL and number banks

In addition to having access only to a subset of the High HAL, the Low HAL is
also limited in the way it handles its operators.

The High HAL, to be able to support arguments to +) and m) in the full 32-bit
range while also keeping true to its promise that each operand only use one PS
slot, uses what we call a "rolling number bank" where those parameters go and
which allows up to 8 operators to "live" at once (that is, exist without being
consumed by an operation). This makes the HAL very macro-able.

The Low HAL has only a single slot in its number bank. This means that a +) or
m) has to be consumed before another is created or else those parameters will be
mixed up.

### Register allocation

The HAL has 4 virtual registers: W, A, PSP, RSP. Each architecture implementing

M fs/xcomp/i386/kernel.fs => fs/xcomp/i386/kernel.fs +13 -34
@@ 28,9 28,10 @@
\ Constants and labels
0 to realmode
: values ( n -- ) for 0 value next ;
20 values lblmainalias lblbootptr lblnextword lblcurword lblnextmeta lblret
21 values lblmainalias lblbootptr lblnextword lblcurword lblnextmeta lblret
          lblsysdict lblparsec lblparseh lblparseud lblerrmsg lblhere lbl[rcnt]
          lblwriterange lblfind lblcompiling lblidt lblmod lblrelwr lblcallwr
$8000 const HERESTART
$500 to binstart
$2000 const STACKSZ

@@ 107,32 108,6 @@ xcode abort
  0 jmp,

\ HAL operands
pc to L1 HBANKCNT CELLSZ * allot
pc to L2 0 ,
xcode hbank' ( idx -- a )
  ax $0f i) and,
  ax 2 i) shl,
  ax L1 i) add,

xcode @) ( operand -- n )
  ax 20 i) shr,
  wcall, hbank'
  ax ax 0 d) mov,

xcode hbank! ( operand n -- operand )
  cx ax mov,      \ cx=n
  ax L2 m) mov,
  L2 m) inc,
  bx ax mov,      \ bx=idx
  wcall, hbank'    \ ax=a
  ax 0 d) cx mov,
  xdrop,          \ ax=operand
  bx 20 i) shl,
  ax bx or,

$100 xconst W)
$107 xconst A)
$106 xconst PSP)

@@ 140,16 115,18 @@ $104 xconst RSP)
$4 xconst Z)
$5 xconst NZ)

pc to lblhbank 0 ,
xcode m) ( a -- operand )
  si 0 d) $105 i) mov,
  wjmp, hbank!
  lblhbank m) ax mov,
  ax $105 i) mov,

pc to L1 xdrop, ret,
xcode +) ( operand n -- operand )
  ax ax test, L1 abs>rel jz,
  si 0 d) $40 i) or, \ disp8 mode
  wjmp, hbank!
  lblhbank m) ax mov, xdrop,
  ax $40 i) or, \ disp8 mode

xcode 8b) ( operand -- operand )
  ax $fffffeff i) and, ret,

@@ 222,10 199,12 @@ xcode W<>A, ( n -- ) \ di ax xchg,
  $97 i) cwrite, ret,

pc to L3 \ ax=opmod disp32
  wcall, @) ax dwrite,
  ax lblhbank m) mov,
  ax dwrite,
  xdrop, ret,
pc to L2 \ ax=opmod disp8
  wcall, @) al cwrite,
  ax lblhbank m) mov,
  al cwrite,
  xdrop, ret,
pc to L1 \ ax=opmod
  ax $20000 i) test, forward8 jz, $66 i) cwrite, forward! \ 16b?