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#Dusk Deployments

This is a list of Dusk OS configurations for specific machines. Dusk OS doesn't do any kind of auto-probing, so you have to know your hardware and adjust configuration appropriately.

This repository is available at git://git.duskos.org/duskos-deployments.git and can give an idea of how to do so.

If you have a deployment that isn't an exact copycat of something that is already in there, please send it to me, I'll merge it in. The more the merrier.


Each deployment has its own directory along with its own submodule linking to Dusk OS (so that we know what version of Dusk OS this deployment is last known to run on).

To build it, you need a C compiler and Make. You also require mtools. It's possible to build those images without it, but the makefiles supplied here don't do it. If you really want to proceed without mtools, you'll have to roll up your sleeves and build the images the hard way, manually through Dusk's tooling.

Then, cd into the directory and run make. This should yield an image which you can deploy on your target media.

Each subdirectory has a README with hardware and deployment details.

#Deployment list


  • pc-bios: Barebone PC
  • pc-p2l97: PC w/ P2L97 motherboard
  • hp-mini-2103070: HP Mini 210-3070