Update subrepos, add ATA debug, tweak makefile

The previous recipe dependencies created situations where "make clean all" would
fail the first time it would be ran (being OK the second), because the "shell"
in the dependencies would collect files that wouldn't be created during the
task. Let's just run it all the time and defer task dependencies to Dusk OS'
Update duskos and duskbsd repos
Update subrepos

For some reason (probably the fact that the underlying FS under the QEMU
environment is FAT rather than FFS), tests don't pass in here, unlike when I run
them on my real DuskBSD machine.
WSDisplay fully functional!

We can now use text/ged!

It works! Example:

10 15 'X' 7 wsdisplay :putchar

And boom! You've got that X. Grid, here we come!
DuskBSD boots from the BSD kernel's VFS
Can read files from DuskBSD's VFS!

Try this:

0 S" hello.txt" bfs :child bfs :open 12 swap IO :readbuf rtype

You should get:

Hello BSD Fi
VFS wrapping: first steps!
Make Dusk "here" size dynamic
Automatically find QEMU boot device
Update duskos
Include duskbsd as submodule

This way, it's easier to keep duskbsd and duskos in sync. This implied quite a
rework of the top level makefile.
Update duskos
Slight config cleanup
Rebuild kernel on any change in usr/src/sys

This avoids the need for "make clean run" all the time.
Fix Makefile rules

It seems that sometimes, submodule initialization isn't made by the makefile
Read sectors from DuskBSD's root disk!
Update duskos