WASM port of Dusk OS
Dusk v8: Fix JIT
Target Dusk v8
Remove old git references


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#Dusk on WASM

Dusk OS has a peculiar target: WASM on a modern browser. It's represented as a graphical console with a fully functional Dusk OS prompt in a browser tab.


  • mtools
  • AssemblyScript (which needs, ahem, NPM): npm -g install assemblyscript

AssemblyScript is not strictly needed, you can also use compile.html.


  1. make kernel.wasm or open compile.html in a browser to build it.
  2. make wasm.img.
  3. In a modern browser, open index.html.
  4. In the first file selection prompt, choose kernel.wasm.
  5. In the second one, select wasm.img
  6. After a few seconds, you'll have a Dusk OS prompt.

Note that the WASM target is much, much slower than other Dusk OS targets.

The appropriate version of Dusk is automatically downloaded by Make. If you already have a Dusk you want to target, you can use the DUSKDIR environment variable.

#See it in action

In a hurry? You can see this thing in action at https://schierlm.users.sourceforge.net/duskos-wasm-temp/


Most of the code in Dusk OS has been written by Virgil Dupras, but the WASM port has been written by Michael Schierl.