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Add word TICKS

Adding a delay such as the 20ms one we have in AVR programmer's
initialization routine is tricky without a word like TICKS.

This implementation is highly inaccurate, but more accurate and
reliable than a "ballpark" DO..LOOP...
Remove Extra words

The few extra bytes they save in the core aren't worth the extra
complexity. This was initially done in a context where I had
troubles keeping the RC2014 binary with SDC inside the 8K limit.

At this point, even with the few extra bytes we add here, we're at
7200 bytes, so I'd say we're fine.
recipes/rc2014: move recipe blocks into local overlay
recipes/sms: move recipe blocks into local overlay
De-stabilize EXIT

This marks the end of wordrefs in stable ABI. Nice.
Remove ";" word

The ":" now takes care of scanning for ";". Conceptually, having
";" as an immediate word is slightly simpler than the approach in
this commit, but when bootstrapping is involved, this simpler
approach gets murkier.

Moreover, it got even murkier-er when trying to de-stabilize EXIT,
so here we are.
Remove LIT< in favor of LIT" exclusively

This duplicated feature existed because of bootstrapping issues
with LIT", but again, with careful threading, we can clean things

We can now have a proper "Collapse OS" prompt :)
Fix LIT"

I've mistakenly broken it in previous commit.
De-stabilize (br), (?br), (loop), (s)

When writing the xcomp documentation, I realized that with careful
threading and by accepting a bit of code duplication in the xcomp
toolset, I could de-stabilize a couple of words.

(n) and EXIT are a bit trickier, but I think it can be done. It
would be nice to get rid of stable wordrefs...
core: make parse and format words a bit tighter
cvm: use return code indicated by Collapse OS

Always returning zero caused test failures not to be properly
doc: take dictionary out of blkfs
cvm: initialize memory with random garbage

This should help spot bugs due to bad initialization.
cvm: implement stack overflow error condition
cvm: improve comments

They were a bit terse.
Make br cells 1 byte wide

The 1 byte limitation has been effective for a while now, but I
hadn't made the move yet, I wanted to see if the limitation would
cause me problems. It doesn't.

Doing this now slightly facilitates the IY->BC move in z80.

Bootstrapping: if you try to recreate the CVM binary from the
previous commit with this code, you'll have bootstrapping problems.
The first bootstrap will compile a binary with 2-bytes wide cells
but branching conditionals that yields 1-byte cells. That's bad.

I got around the issue by temporarily inserting a "397 399 LOADR"
instruction in cvm/xcomp.fs, right before the xcomp overrides. This
way, I force 1-byte cells everywhere on the first compiliation,
which then allows me to apply the logic change in cvm/vm.c and have
a properly running binary.
Extract (br), (?br) and (loop)'s code out of stable ABI zone

There is now no more actual code in stable ABI, only references.
This makes refactoring of this code much easier. For example,
changing IY to BC as the IP register.