TI-84+ port of Collapse OS


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#TI-84+ target for Collapse OS

This is a Collapse OS port for the TI-84+ calculator.

To build, run make in this directory.

This repository has a TI-84+ emulator, you can launch the built ROM through that emulator with make emul.

For more details, see docs in doc.

#Emulator usage

This will show a window with the LCD screen's content on it. Most applications, upon boot, halt after initialization and stay halted until the ON key is pressed. The ON key is mapped to the tilde (~) key.

Press ESC to quit.

As for the rest of the mappings, they map at the key level. For example, the 'Y' key maps to '1' (which yields 'y' when in alpha mode). Therefore, '1' and 'Y' map to the same calculator key. Backspace maps to DEL.

Left Shift maps to 2nd. Left Ctrl maps to Alpha.