Sega Master System port of Collapse OS
Add SDC and TMS config options
Add KBD config
Build AVR binary for PS/2 controller


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#Sega Master System target for Collapse OS

This is a Collapse OS port for the Sega Master System. It also runs on the Megadrive (Genesis). It supposrts these configurations:

  • VDP output with D-Pad input (default config)
  • VDP output with PS/2 keyboard input (KBD=1)
  • VDP output with PS/2 keyboard input and SD card (SDC=1)
  • TMS9918 Text Mode output with PS/2 keyboard input and SD card (TMS=1)

To build, run make in this directory. The resulting os.sms should be written to a ROM of at least 8KB.

This repository has a SMS emulator, you can launch the built ROM through that emulator with make emul.

To use an alternate configuration, specify it in the make command both in the build command and the emul command. When you change the active config, use clean. Example: make KBD=1 clean emul.

For the rest, refer to documentation in doc.


This emulates a Sega Master system with a monochrome screen and a Genesis pad hooked to port A.

Launch the emulator with ./sms /path/to/rom (you can use the binary from the sms recipe.

This will show a window with the screen's content on it. The mappings to the pad are:

  • W --> Up
  • A --> Left
  • S --> Down
  • D --> Right
  • H --> A
  • J --> B
  • K --> C
  • L --> Start

If your ROM is configured with PS/2 keyboard input, run this emulator with the -k flag to replace SMS pad emulation with keyboard emulation.

The -c option connects a SD card in the same way as the RC2014 emulator.

In both cases (pad or keyboard), only port A emulation is supported.

Press ESC to quit.